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Whether it’s catering to Austin’s iconic music industry, feeding an indie film crew on location, conducting a cooking class or preparing creative cuisine for your private in-home party…Lonzo’s brings passion and unique culinary flair to each and every plate! The food – and the staff – become the entertainment!

Chef Lon Breedlove combines decades of international culinary, hospitality and event planning experience to make your in-home event one to remember. You won’t find his signature Neo-Picante Cuisine anywhere else in the world.


Delight your friends with global cuisines, prepared from scratch in your kitchen…where guests are welcome to interact with the chef

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Supporting the film and live music industries with remote craft service and private catering for special events and VIP artists

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In-store cooking demonstrations, and in-home private cooking classes…complete with wine tastings & cocktail recipes

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Impress your guests with the beauty of your home while Lonzo’s turns your kitchen into their new favorite restaurant.

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About The Chef

Lon Breedlove is a professional chef with over 15 years of international culinary, hospitality and event planning experience. Following two generations of food service professionals, Lon discovered his innate passion for cooking at an early age. The Chef served two years on the Council of State Restaurant Associations and his credentials include certifications by the National Restaurant Association. He is an avid supporter of sustainable food and local farm-to-table sourcing.

Chef Breedlove’s reputation is built on scratch cooking, unique picante-infusions and the diverse influences that come from extensive global food experiences. Blending classical and nouvelle cuisines, Neo-Picante best describes his contemporary style…the food becomes the entertainment!


Lon Breedlove is a private chef, available for in-home dinner parties and VIP catering.